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The Reason Why Many People Use Cannabis

Mostly people who use cannabis is often viewed as people who are unmotivated, lazy, “stoners”. There are still studies and researches that shows another case when talking about the use of cannabis by a number of people. For these people who use cannabis, studies show that the reason behind their use of the cannabis plant is in order for them to enhance their quality of living.

There are different ways that people can be affected by the cannabis plant. There are several factors that contributes to how a person is affected by the use of the cannabis plant. There are several studies that shows a moderation on the use of cannabis by most people. There are 3-5 people who are not intimidated on the use of cannabis because the cannabis plant has a lower risk of physical addiction. Being aware of the medical properties of the cannabis plant is one of the reason why some people use cannabis. For over a thousand years, people from all across the world have been using the cannabis plant because of the reason that it can contribute to the medical, social, and spiritual well being of a person. There some instances that these reasons are distinct, but most of the time they overlap with one another.

Social use of cannabis
The use of cannabis will enhance just about any activity that a person is doing. The effects on the certain activities of a person under the influence of cannabis may be different and it would matter from one person to another. In some people, when they are under the influence of cannabis, they sometimes want to visit the museum.

In some of the humble opinion of other people who uses cannabis, they would not refer is as a drug, they see cannabis as a salt, like a seasoning to life. Just like how salt can enhance the flavors of some food to make it taste more delicious, cannabis is compared to a seasoning because using cannabis can enhance the feel on some activities and things to make it more enjoyable and intense.

What is the social use of cannabis?
Greatly enhancing the quality of life of a person, socializing, and recreation, are a few of the social use of the cannabis plant. For the most people who are using cannabis nowadays, they do it because of those reasons mentioned.

The social use of the cannabis plant has records that dated back hundreds or even thousands years ago. One example is during the days, an ancient hindus in India does not allow the use of alcohol, but they greatly allow the use of cannabis socially. Also in ancient Rome, rich people will often finish their feast with a dessert that contains cannabis seeds because of the good feeling it provides.

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